Ashen Dawn

1 - It's The End (And I Feel Fine)

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April 15 2000 - The Battle of Kalisz is over. 5th Infantry Division (US) is scattered. The war as we know it is over. This is about survival now. As we wake up in the basement of a church outside the small town, tended to by those who still have some decency and kindness towards others, we're given a grim message by an unlikely messenger - we're in danger. If we're found, regardless of uniform we wear, we face the same fate - a slow death. Among the ruins of the battle are the tools of our escape, but time is not our ally.

Start Date Wed Dec 31st, 1969 @ 5:00pm

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Title Timeline Location
by Captain Cassandra McMillan & Corporal Sascha Lorenz & Sergeant First Class Calandra “Cally” Wada & Captain Ethan Coulson
0600 Local, 4/15/2000 Kalisz Battlegrounds
The Stakeout
by Corporal Sascha Lorenz
0530 Local, 4/15/2000 Church Cemetary 5mi SW of Kalisz, Poland
It All Started In A Basement...
by Captain Cassandra McMillan & Sergeant First Class Calandra “Cally” Wada & Captain Ethan Coulson
0530 Local, 4/15/2000 Church 5mi SW of Kalisz, Poland

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