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Corporal Sascha Lorenz

Name Sascha Lorenz

Position Survivor

Rank Corporal

Character Information

Gender Female
Nationality German-American
Age 21
Former Career/Branch Of Service US Army

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 7” (1.70m)
Weight 132 lbs. (60 kg)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Before the war Sascha probably would’ve been called pretty, but years of front line service with limited opportunities for proper grooming and hygiene have given her a tarnished luster. Hawkish features and a frequently pissed-off expression don’t help much either, and tend to make her seem distant and unapproachable, even if she isn’t that bad to interact with. Her blonde hair—worn in a barely-regulation asymmetric bob—stows nicely under her helmet, but tends to look greasy and unkempt after only a day or two without washing, and is usually not her best feature. Her BDUs are cut for a man, and are not particularly flattering on her female form, but her days of sizing down and getting shot while trying to run in tight pants are long behind her.

Any soldier worth his or her training would be able to look past the superficial stuff, however, and notice the details that matter: Sascha is well fed, physically fit, and kitted out with weapons and gear that are in much better shape than her uniforms, or whatever else she happens to be wearing. At times she might look like a scrub, but for the enemy it would be a fatal mistake to not recognize her for the experienced soldier she is.


Father LTC Rylan Bailey (status unknown)
Mother Romey Lorenz (presumed deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Once upon a time, Sascha was a bright and energetic young woman with a promising future ahead of her. It feels like those days are long gone. Several years of high intensity combat have instead left Sascha a hardened shell of the person she might have been. A very hard shell, but a shell nonetheless. She exists in a perpetual fog of war, not really knowing where she’s been or where she’s going, but fully living in the moment. Sasha is a loyal soldier and knows how to follow orders, but she is easily provoked and only the chain of command can as easily defuse her. She received the nickname ‘Short Fuse Sascha’ very early on in her military career, and it’s doubtful she’ll ever be able to live it down. When responding to threats she lives by a simple creed: strike first, and don’t stick around. It's served her well so far.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sascha is by no means the perfect soldier, but she’s proven time and again that she’s more than good enough. She can run and shoot, and duck and punch better than anyone she’s met that’s still alive… or so she thinks. She’s been stabbed once, shot twice, and witnessed three tactical nuke strikes on her AO and lived to tell the tale. She secretly suspects that she might be immortal, but won’t say so aloud for fear of jinxing it.

Though competent at soldiering, others may see Sascha as little more than a half-rabid mountain lion that may one day need to be put down. She has difficulty controlling dark impulses once things get heated, and only in extreme circumstances would a sane commander consider placing her in any position of leadership.

Medically, Sascha is more or less committed to a fatal game of Russian roulette. She might feel fine now, but years of sustained radiation exposure have all but guaranteed that win or lose, she probably won’t live to see thirty. Her vision is already beginning to cloud due to cataracts, a consequence of witnessing multiple nuclear detonations. She’s still able to hide this, for now… God help her (and whoever confronts her about it) when she can’t.
Ambitions To visit the Soviet Union and burn it down.
Hobbies & Interests Sasha enjoys eating Beef Lasanga MREs, and finding new and inventive ways of laughing off the horrors of the world. She doesn’t enjoy cleaning and maintaining her weapons, per se, but doing so definitely has a calming and meditative effect.

Personal History Sascha Lorenz was born in Stuttgart, Germany in April of 1979. She can no longer remember the exact day, but according to her dog-tags it was the 9th. Her mother was a bartender, and her father was an American soldier, stationed at a nearby military base. They got married, had her, and then got divorced two years later. Her father got promoted and transferred to another continent; her mother wasn’t having it, and didn’t want to leave her family.

Memories of Sascha’s early years in Germany are sparse and disconnected. Her father was gone, and it seemed like her mom was always working. Her grandmother was nice but could never really keep up, and when Sascha did make friends, it seemed like she could never really keep up with them. City life was lonely, disorienting and stressful, and the only memories that really stuck with her were the rare trips out into the countryside. The nights filled with dreams of wide-open green places were far more preferable to the days spent surrounded by asphalt and concrete.

Sascha was ten years old when she got her first chance at a change of scenery. Her father, though scarce throughout most of her childhood, had risen through the ranks in the military and was in a better spot to offer her a better life… or at least his idea of one. Germany had become chaotic during its reunification, along with Europe in general as tensions escalated with the Soviet Union. Sascha’s parents agreed that maybe life would be better (and safer) for her in the United States. Her mother still wasn’t willing to leave her family though, and her father was still frequently unavailable, so she had little choice but to make the journey and settle into her new life on her own.

The preparatory academy Sascha attended was rather strict and intense. It was initially a bit much, and a far cry from the relatively unstructured life she’d been accustomed to. She adjusted quickly though, and was surprised to find that her new life suited her once she got with the program. The academy offered everything her life in Germany had lacked: structure, guidance, people she could relate to, and lots of wide-open green space. As a European in an American school she didn’t really fit in right away, but the school uniforms and shared schedules made it at least feel like she was blending in. Most of her closest friends ran with the athletic crowd, which was not surprising, as that where Sascha felt she most belonged. She was active in track & field, ballet, and became a key player on her school’s basketball team. Though never a star athlete or the smartest in her class, Sascha was disciplined and team oriented, and those traits would soon become crucial.

The world more or less went to hell in a handbasket during Sascha’s senior year of high school. She had no college scholarships awaiting her, and no set plans to do something specific with her life. Many of her friends had bold plans to enlist or attend a military academy, and it seemed most of the ones who didn’t would soon have a student exemption once they went off to college. Things seemed bad, but not scary bad. One phone call from her father changed all that.

Sascha never had any clue what her father did in the military. She never asked, and he never told. But she always had a feeling it was something sketchy and dangerous. He’d never even suggested joining up until that day he called. He told her to join up before she got drafted, and that she would get drafted. He said the sooner she joined, the better training and placement she would get. He actually suggested dropping out of high school. What parent says that? More than that, he said to aim for infantry and surround herself with the best… killers, she read between the lines. That’s when she knew that things were going to get scary bad. She took most of her father’s advice… all except for the dropping out part. She was three weeks away from graduation for Pete’s sake!

Sascha doesn’t really remember going to the recruiting office to enlist. She doesn’t really remember much of basic training or infantry school either—repressed memories perhaps? What she does remember is the plane ride across the ocean to the war in Europe. A plane ride, on a C-130 Hercules... first-class accommodations, compared to the ones who had to ferry over on cruise liners and converted troop ships. By the time her friends were finishing their first college semester, she was already racking up a body count in Poland and Central Europe.

The list of battles and operations Sascha has participated quickly became long and not particularly distinguishing. Operation Bright Saber. Operation Hardhat. Operation Lag-bolt. Those ones stand out, because they all ended with tactical nuke fireworks displays that got a whole lot of rear echelon units killed. She quickly realized why her dad had insisted she join up first.

As Sascha walked away from one battle after another the awards and medals stacked up… though not the promotions and chevrons. Those actually got taken away for getting in one too many fights after learning her mother and everyone she’d known as a child had most likely been killed. But the world went on, and the saga continues... or so they say.

That was all until the day Sascha got transferred to the 75th Ranger Battalion... transferred to a hardcore, tryout unit. That was a pretty clear sign that the world as she knew it was about to end.
Service Record 1997: Enlisted, United States Army. Completes Basic Combat Training. Promoted Private (E-2). Completes Army Infantry School. Assigned 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division.

1998: Wounded in Action. Awarded Purple Heart x2, Silver Star. Promoted Private First-Class (E-3)

1999: Wounded in Action. Awarded Purple Heart. Demoted Private (E-2)

2000: Promoted Private First-Class. Transferred 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment.