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Captain Ethan Coulson

Name Ethan Coulson

Position Survivor

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Nationality American
Age 33
Former Career/Branch Of Service US Navy

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 200
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Ethan has a decent build. Normally, he wears a leather jacket with black pants. When he is using his boat, he will sometimes wear a tank top or t-shirt instead of a jacket.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Oscar Coulson
Mother River Coulson
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) Eve Coulson
Other Family Zayde (German Shepard Alaskan Husky Mix)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ethan is considered calm under pressure, especially in intense scenarios. However, since he was left stranded for 3 years, he has been fighting to survive near the front lines, delivering supplies to different areas who need them. He aspires to get home, and see his family again.
Strengths & Weaknesses -Has better knowledge of the area (S)
-Does somewhat well under pressure (S)
-Dwells on past events (W)
Ambitions -To find his way back home to Montana if at all possible.
Hobbies & Interests -Fixing cars
-Transporting goods across rivers

Personal History Ethan was born on April 2, 1967. He spent most of his early life moving across the world, because his father was an pilot in the US Air force. In 1980, his father was transferred to Pearl Harbor, aboard the USS Enterprise CVN-65, as one of the pilots. Ethan spent many times of his adolescence with his father absent, since he was serving aboard a ship deployed for most of the year, despite him being a pilot. As a result, Ethan acted out many different times in high school. Initially, he wanted to be a pilot like his father. However, after visiting the Enterprise while she was docked on a few different occasions, he new that his calling was to be in the Navy. So, during his last year in Hawaii, in 1984, when he was 17, he applied to the US Naval Academy. A few months later, he found out that he was accepted. His father remained on the Enterprise, while Ethan and his mother moved to Maryland so he could attend the Academy. While his time at the US Naval Academy was somewhat uneventful, he graduated with honors, at the rank of Ensign.

His first assignment was aboard the USS Phoenix. He served with distinction aboard the ship for 5 years until 1994. However, at this point the situation in the world was getting much worse. The Phoenix was ordered to front lines of Naval combat. At this point, Ethan had received a promotion to full Lieutenant, as he served with honors. During one of the offensives into Soviet waters, the Phoenix was hit on multiple points throughout the ship by various weapons. One of the hits was directly on the bridge, killing the CO and XO. As Ethan was the next ranking officer, he was forced to take temporary command. After 3 weeks of continues on and off fighting, the Phoenix was badly damaged, but afloat still. The ship was ordered to the nearest allied port, where it was decommissioned because of how bad the state of the ship was. Ethan's next assignment was aboard the USS Seattle, as the second officer.

He served aboard the Seattle for 3 years until 1997 until his life changed forever. When the next engagement with the Soviets occurred, the Seattle was ordered to the border to engage the enemy fleets. However, the Seattle was met with resistance along the coast of Poland. Ethan was once again forced to take command when the XO was severely injured, and the CO killed. He was on the bridge when it was hit head on by enemy weapons, destroying the bridge. The Seattle managed to escape, except her "Acting Captain". After the fight, Lieutenant Coulson was labeled "Killed in Action". However, sometimes no one is ever really gone. This was the case for Ethan Coulson.

The truth is, Ethan survived, as he was thrown into he water. However, he was unconscious until the shore. By the time we awoke hours later, the Seattle had one the battle with the enemy ship. Long story short, Coulson was thousands of miles away from home, and alone. Because of the state of the world and his location, he didn't have any access to long range communications. For the next three years, he lived in Poland taking up different jobs assisting different units to gain information about the area, and the state of the war in Europe and how bad it actually was. During this time, he eventually took up a job transporting supplies, people and occasionally fish up and down the rivers of Poland and Europe. He did this for the next 3 years until 2000, when his boat capsized and floated to a nearby riverbank. To be continued....
Service Record -1985-1989- Midshipman, US Naval Academy
-1989-1993- Ensign, Weapons Officer, USS Phoenix
-1993-1994- Lieutenant, Chief Weapons Officer, USS Phoenix
-1994-1994- Lieutenant, Acting Commanding Officer, USS Phoenix
-1994-1997- Lieutenant, Chief Weapons Officer, USS Seattle
-1997-1997- Lieutenant, Acting Commanding Officer, USS Seattle
-1997-1997- US Navy labels Lieutenant Coulson "Killed in Action"
-1997-2000- Coulson becomes Captain of a Riverboat, and renames it, "The River Montana"
-2000-2XXX- To Be Continued...